Packing House and
Cold Storage Valle de Colina:

The Packing is in Agrícola Valle de Colina together with the main office of Exportadora Santa Elena S.A., Metropolitan Region.

It has two packaging rooms, independent selection raffles, linear process lines and an automated checkweigher, capable of packing all types of packaging according to the requirements of our clients.

The entire infrastructure is hermetic and air-conditioned, ensuring the well-being of our employees and thereby allowing us to comply with the high standards of safety protocols, food safety and personnel.

The cold storage is internally connected to the packaging, which has pre-cooling tunnels and maintenance chambers; all with monitoring of temperature and humidity through telemetry and
security cameras throughout the establishment.

Packing House and
Cold Storage Agrícola San José El Cerrillo:

Packing and cold storage are in Fundo El Cerrillo, owned by Agrícola San José, part of Grupo de Exportadora Santa Elena S.A., Metropolitan Region. It receives fruit from other production units of Agrícola San José, which has a heated reception chamber and state-of-the-art humidifiers.

Its facilities consist of a cleaning room, independent process lines, selection raffle and packaging process lines. In all these facilities we are concerned with producing a safe and reliable product complying with correct traceability in our processes.

The cold storage is internally connected to the packing, delimiting risk areas to guarantee the safety of our workers. It features pre-cooled tunnels, providing greater efficiency and flexibility for the process, as well as maintenance chambers. All telemetrically monitored


The Packing is in the Rengo commune, Rosario, Sixth Region.

It has a process of weighing the fruit after harvest and pre-cold, maintaining the quality in optimal conditions, and taking care of a factor as important as the dehydration of stems.

Among the characteristics of the cleaning packing, it should be noted that it has a capacity of up to 115 people, with modules provided with lighting to allow our workers to achieve a perfect cleaning of each cluster that will be later packed.

Each section of Packing Agricola CV is implemented with a temperature regulation system, remaining constant during the packaging process, achieving an optimal work environment, and complying with personal well-being, later our products are dispatched to cold storage in thermo trucks.

Packing House and
Cold Storage Macaya

Packing and cold storage is in the Placilla district, Sixth Region. It has a grape reception room for more than 4,000 harvest boxes and an air-conditioned packing room in which the selection, weighing, packing, stamping and palletizing process is carried out, allowing them to comply with the safety and food safety protocols. 100% computerized processes complemented by a mechanical system for transporting boxes and materials, also generating correct product traceability. It has a capacity to process approximately 10,000 boxes of grapes per day depending on the variety and packaging.

The machine room is fully computerized, the room temperature control is automatic, and the pre-cooling process is computer controlled and supervised by an operator.

The cold storage is connected to the packaging, has pre-cooling tunnels, maintenance chambers and a hermetic loading area.

Packing and cold storage have sensors for relative humidity, ammonia, temperature, door openings and video cameras for security and control.