In 1978, a group of English and Chilean investors teamed up with the idea of ​​producing premium quality grapes. For this, they chose the Santa Elena farm in the Colina area (Central Valley of Chile) 35 kilometers north of Santiago. The field produced its first boxes in 1980, which were exported to the USA and UK. Due to the growing demand for grapes of these characteristics, in 1988 producers were incorporated and associated that could increase while maintaining quality. In 1998 a restructuring takes place that leaves the company totally in the hands of Chilean grape growers.

Today, 35 years later and thanks to its human team made up of fully dedicated professionals and technicians, Santa Elena has managed to maintain a clear focus on meeting the quality requirements of its clients in Canada, United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. All of which is part of a commitment to work ethics, fair trade, and special care in producing healthy and safe fruit without altering the environment.


We are Producers – Exporters of table grapes from Chile to the world, with a technical and commercial team of the highest experience and professionalism. Our special concern for the details involved in the production and commercialization processes (such as certification, packaging, post-harvest, post-sale, etc.) allows us to bring to the most exclusive international wholesalers and the best supermarket chains worldwide, a grape that exceeds customer expectations.

The search for an unparalleled taste experience for the consumer has made our participation in the investigation of new varieties, both our own, and the best existing varietal programs key. Maintaining the prestige achieved by the Santa Elena Brand requires us to strive every day to exceed our standards.


Santa Elena, as a producer-exporter of table grapes, wants to be recognized worldwide as an innovative, responsible, and passionate company for what it does, producing the best table grapes of the highest quality and safety. All this with a firm purpose, to achieve the trust of our products in the clients and that this can be transmitted to the final consumers, making them recognize the best taste and quality experience in our grapes.

In pursuit of this purpose, the company’s efforts are aimed at producing and bringing special flavored grapes to new markets, so that our fruit is on the shelves of the most exclusive supermarket chains in the markets where we participate, finally and not less importantly, to achieve an average return price in the highest 5% of the Chilean industry.


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